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Alan Divers Art


Alan Divers is a self-taught artist; although he earned his degree in business and finance, he has always had a passion for drawing and art in general.  He and wife Heidrun Divers opened their Tampa custom frame gallery The Great Frame Up (with locations in South Tampa and St Petersburg) in 2006; serving the Tampa Bay community’s custom framing needs.  For the past 8 years, Alan has grown into a prolific and well-known Tampa Bay artist, beginning with pencil drawings and moving into the vibrant acrylic paintings of abstracts and safari animals that he has built a following for.  Alan’s art has been sold throughout Tampa and St. Petersburg. Art has been auctioned at charity events for organizations like the Lowry Park Zoo.

Alan Divers Stallion painting              Alan Divers Tusk painting

His art is displayed and for sale in their South Tampa Gallery.

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